Electrical Outages Over the Weekend

As many of you noticed, we were without electricity for a bit on Sunday.  It is our assumption that it was due to storms passing through the area.  It was not out for too terribly long.

However, we did have a much longer outage yesterday afternoon (Monday, July 22).  As soon as it was reported to us, Michael called GVEC.  They informed us that a tree had downed a power line not terribly far from the park.  More than 50 customers were without electricity for a couple of hours.

If you lose power, please call or text us as soon as you determine the issue is not with your RV.

You may also check, online, to see if there are already any reported outages in our area by going to the GVEC Outages Map.

Michael’s cell:  830-263-0009
Christine’s cell:  830-263-0033

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