Wifi is Restored

We would like to thank everyone for their patience as we have had to purchase new equipment and reinstall twice over the last two weeks.  Our previous wifi configuration served us well for almost four years.  However, as problems increased, we knew it was time for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, as a part of that upgrade, we were sold equipment that limited how many people could share the signal.  We were very clear about our needs and the number of people we are servicing, but we were still given the incorrect products.

Because of this mistake, many of you struggled with maintaining access to the internet for almost two weeks.  We were unaware of these issues (reminder:  never assume someone else has called to report a problem).  Once we discovered what was going on, we immediately brought someone out to assess the issue.

After two more trips and more equipment, we have restored our two wifi connections.  “Hillshade RV 1” is being sent from the top of the building which houses our laundry room.  “HillshadeRV2” is sent from the roof our home/office.  You are welcome to use either of these signals.

If you notice that you do not see a signal or cannot connect/surf with a signal for more than an hour, please call or text us.  We are always happy to fix issues, but with the wifi, we can better assess a situation based on how many people are having issues.  This helps us know if it is a problem on our end, or an issue with a computer, phone or game system.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as resetting a router after an electrical outage.  Let us know, and we’ll get on it!

Michael’s cell:  830-263-0009
Christine’s cell:  830-263-0033

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