Hill Shade RV Park provides wifi throughout the park. They have the best system they can possible have based on their remote location (for you technomads, that means they are boosting out wifi signals from two DSL lines). As better technology becomes available in the area, they will continue to upgrade their system. In the meantime, everyone is able to check their email, stream a movie and play on those Xbox’s!

There are no cable television options in the area at this time. You may use your own satellite system. Michael and Christine will work with you on placement so you are able to receive a solid signal. We love our trees, but they create a few little challenges. if your satellite is permanently mounted on top of your RV, we cannot guarantee enough of a clearing to meet your needs.

There are restrooms and a laundry room on site. With all of the continuous use with pipeline work flooding the area, the restrooms and showers are very worn. Plans are underway to remodel this area in the coming year (by summer of 2014).

There is a field just across the road where people may walk their pets on leashes.